Our breeding philosophy


     We take a lot of care in breeding our dogs first of all for quality of breed in generally and for quality of our dogs particularly. So in breeding we use only dogs having all health clearances and significant wins. Due to all of this in our kennel litters are not frequent.

     Because in many countries in Europe docked tails of Australian Shepherds are forbidden, so we don't dock tails of our puppies (exception is made for half-sized tails and defect tails).

     We observe our puppies from first seconds of their lives, and see their caracters and temperament so we can evaluate their possible perspectives. We take care to determine for each puppy a right home, following puppies' personalities and expectations of their future owners. Please note that in a litter may be no appropriate puppy corresponding to your expectations and lifestyle.

     Our puppies are raised in a family situation so to grow up to outgoing companion with a strong desire to please.

      Reservations of puppies are on a first come basis, however the priority is the best home for each puppy. The most important for us is the future life of our dogs. Puppies are reserved definitely for future owners not before 6 weeks of age.

     Before finalization of a sale in presence of future owner we make a final control of a puppy to be sure that it is exact to a sale contract quality. If you desire (and tell it to us before) you may be accompanied by your vet during the visit. If you have other home animals, they have to stay at home.

     All puppies have RKF-FCI papers registered into your name as the buyer, veterinary passport, microchip and tattoo, have all their current vaccinations, and have had all routine veterinary treatments for intestinal parasites. You will receive instructions for raising your puppy and a small food pack for him. Also you will receive the documents pack with copies of pedigrees of parents, copies of their health certificates, show, work and temperament certificates' copies.

     We take a great care for health clearances of our dogs (as hips and elbows displasia, eye exam-clear yearly, DNA clearances for HSF4, MDR1, prcdPRA and CEA). There are also depenses for work and temperament certificates, show participations and payment of mating with best top quality producers. So our puppies can't be cheap. It's normal that the price of a puppy with good show perspectives will be higher.

     You need to provide the puppy a loving and caring home that means that the dog will live with the family and will be be an active member of the family. You must follow food and care instructions and establish a good relationship with a veterinary so that the dog can receive proper wellness or health care as needed. We expect from you an amicable and continuing relationship with our kennel with periodic updates on the puppy (with photos/videos).

     If the puppy is destined for breeding then the contract will state that you must fulfill certain requirements, such as showing the dog and getting health clearances (hips and elbows displasia, eye exam and DNA tests). The requirements are the exact same requirements that we do before breeding a dog. They are done to preserve the health and quality of the breed.

     If the puppy is a pet-quality dog and (on our opinion) is not for showing/breeding, it will be noted in puppy's RKF-FCI document. Nota: pet-quality dog is a dog corresponding to Australian Shepherd standart, but having some small defects without any influence to the health, working qualities and temperament, without disqualifying defects.

     We love our puppies and we want them to be loved in their new homes. To begin our relationship and put your name in the waiting list for puppy, please send us filled out the puppy buyer questionare to our e-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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